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We are proud to be a one-stop solutions company that brings together a unique blend of services through Repairs, Replacement and Retrofitting solutions in the field of Industrial Electronics, CNC, Automation, Process Control, Robotics, Marine Engineering & Medical Electronics since 1994.

Ams was formed on 1995 with the main purpose of Addressing the requirement of ofindustry for a total solution in manufacturing Automation. AMS Working Philosophy puts professionalism as the main thrust and uses state of the art techniques and continuously enhanced body of Knowledge for greater productivity and Increased value for money for customer.
Strengths: AMS Consists of a group of dedicatd professionals who have extensive hands-on experience in CNC machine & Industrial Automation. In-depth Knowledge of multi axis CNC Machines largely used by Automobile industry & Aerospace industry. Capacity of handling all facets of CNC Technology such as design, installation, service, Maintenance,Re-Engineering,Inspection,Retrofits,training etc… Track record: Since it formation AMS has carried out number of Automation projects including complex retrofits with vaiety of machine tools,

RETROFITTING REDUCES COSTS Save yourself from those expensive new acquisitions! Updating your existing machinery will save on costs. With our targeted AMS Retrofit, existing machine tools can be brought back into shape for a fraction of the cost of a new acquisition. The cost for acquiring a new machine generally results in triple the cost of a retrofit, and the results are identical. In addition, retrofitting also avoids the “additional costs” associated with switching machines, such as those for tools, foundations, changes to work processes, staff training sessions and time lost due to familiarisation. Your staff members can continue to work on the machines just as before since the familiar layout and design of the old machine will remain the same after the retrofit.

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