Retrofit Experts


  • We increase the operating efficiency and extend the equipment’ life, in the field of CNC,Industrial Automation, Robotics, Marine Engineering, and Medical Electronic etc.
  • Our service ensures the complete success of the upgrade, retrofit or migration in close cooperation with the customer.
  • We offer services of Retrofit solutions to extend the life-cycle of all kind of machine and circuit breakers.
  • Never losing sight of the big picture.


  • Providing quality, innovative, competitive solutions in the field of Manufacturing, automation industry and industry 4.0.
  • Make sure that our made machines helps customers to improve their production efficiency.
  • Optimizing Energy consumption
  • Growth in profitability
  • Strongly believe in business ethics and principles
  • Encourage and ready to adopt the new ideas
  • Maintain Integrity with our customers
  • Provides a friendly and positive environment to  work